Web Development

Create or update your website, blog, or online store.

Get online

  • Share your thoughts and memories with the world, in your own personal blog.
  • Improve your product sales with the power of eCommerce.
  • Use a website to bring more clients to your business.

Website Transfer and Maintenance

Upgrade your website, and keep it at its best.

Stay online

  • Save money, by finding the best hosting for your needs.
  • Attract visitors, by keeping your website fresh and funcional.

En↔Pt Translation

Reach a wider audience, with multilingual content.

Be understood

Languages used in the web:

English 25.9%
Portuguese 3.9%
French 2.9%

– Top Ten Languages Used in the Web – November 30, 2015 , InternetWorldStats.com

En/Pt Tutoring

Learn a new language or improve your proficiency.

Upgrade yourself

Aprenda ou pratique Inglês com um tutor fluente* e experiente.

*Utilizador com certificação de nível C1 e mais de 20 anos de prática.

Learn or practice Portuguese with a fluent* and experienced tutor.

*Native user with more than 25 years of direct contact.

Why choose me

  • Speed. I finish any job as quickly as possible, regardless of its urgency.
  • Effectiveness. I don’t just listen, i pay attention. You can expect to get what you asked for.
  • Responsiveness. I always reply as soon as possible, usually within the hour.
  • Responsibility. I am true to my word, and always comply with the agreed deadline and terms.

What my clients say

Sergio is very passionate about his work and is one of the best as far as communication. […]
I would work with him again.
Patricia Groover, ShowMyDog
Sergio is extremely knowledgeable and communicative. He is efficient, timely and precise. […] Although we have an 8 hour time difference, there was no delay in my project(s). […] I am looking forward to having him work on many more projects for The Keel Group.
Jennifer Yockey, The Keel Group
Sergio is a true professional. He not only listens and carries out your requirements, but he also advises you on the best solution available, and goes above and beyond his duties. I will be hiring him again, [as he] has been a great asset to my company.
Highly recommended.
Christopher Ashton, Ashton Marketing Media
I can’t say enough about Sergio. He is very prompt, knowledgeable and thorough. Without him my projects would have been difficult and time consuming.
So glad I have Sergio as a contractor… I will definitely be contracting with him again.
Jerrell Bertolucci, JerrellOnline.com
Absolutely a pleasure to work with Sergio. Best experience I’ve had on oDesk, without question. Professional, available, and willing to work even when he was “off-hours”.
Amazing person and awesome professional.
Tanya Maslach, GOTRIbal
Fast, creative, reliable.
Michael Eckert, Canvassing.org
Thank you for your help on this project and for completing it so timely! Really appreciate your help and will definitely keep you in mind for future projects!
Raanan Bar-Cohen, Automattic
I was happy to work with Sergio, he made this task almost instantly and also gave me some extra hints, thanks!
Paweł Wiśniowski, Wisniowski.pro
Sergio has been exceptional. Not only is he honest in terms of feedback re: hosting, but also has an extraordinary ability to solve problems and think of effective workarounds. I would hire again in an instant. His attention to detail is remarkable and his tolerance of novice clients is a credit to him!
Michele Chandler, MAEVIS Group
Sergio is fantastic! He was clear about his availability, honored his estimate, quickly resolved the issue, and kept me up to date throughout the process. He is friendly and a fantastic communicator, I will definitely hire him again!
Stephenie Zamora, Stephenie Zamora Media
Sergio is extremely skilled and reliable – A real pleasure to work with. I look forward to work with him again and again.
Lawrence Jacomelli, Beast.agency

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